Art in The Gardens

The Hidden Gardens have been a place for art since inception. The Gardens are public arts organisation NVA’s only permanent artwork and were developed through a collaborative design process involving landscape architects City Design Co-Operative, a team of international artists and local communities. A spiritual overview for the development of the Gardens was provided by Mumbai-based artist and theatre producer Divya Bhatia.

The Hidden Gardens Permanent Artworks

Ginkgo Cellular Light Projection

by Joseph Reeves

Active in the months of November to February; this visual artwork inspires us to delve deeper into the detail of nature and the wonder of all living things on our planet. The cell structure of a Ginkgo Biloba tree leaf is projected onto the chimney; it’s Victorian brickwork mimics these natural repeating cell patterns. Installed in 2019

The Xylotheque

by Alec Finlay

A library of the Scottish woodland reminiscent of the traditional Japanese renga platform. A Scottish oak tree grows through its centre surrounded by a library of wooden books detailing seventeen native species of trees. Installed in 2003

Inscribed Texts

by Gerry Loose

A series of poems and texts carved into five sandstone way markers. The numerical importance is based on many considerations: pertinent were the five pillars of Islam and the five sacred Hindu trees. Installed in 2003

Lotus Flower On Chimney

by NVA

The lower petals of the flower are designed to fit into the palms of your hands, peace is in our hands. It was unveiled at the opening of The Hidden Gardens on Midsummers Day in June 2003.

The Parliament Of The Birds

by Alec Finlay

birdboxes within the Gardens with inscribed text by Alec Finlay in response to Suhayl Saadi’s translation of the Sufi poem. Installed in 2003

Brass Water Dishes

by Rachel Mimiec

Installed during Rachel Mimiec’s 2-year residency (2006-2007) in the wildlife area of the Gardens.

Bee Tenements

by NVA

Created by NVA during their first Glasgow Harvest event in the Gardens, a habitat for solitary bees. Installed in 2010

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