Exhibitions Archive

Big Fat Light MerQueer

By Dean Hutton

Large scale inflatable sculpture by Dean Hutton (aka Goldendean), presented as part of Take Me Somewhere. The sculpture incorporated graffiti and other marks from previous showcases of the sculpture in public spaces. October 2023

Photo Exhibition: National Park City

By Glasgow National Park City

Touring exhibition featuring a sample of photos taken by professional and amateur photographers during lockdown on the theme – What if Glasgow was a national park city? GNPC aspires to make Glasgow a greener, healthier and wilder City for everyone. September – December 2023

Glasgow in Bloom

By Amber Jones, Olivia Juett and Hannah Logan

Group exhibition celebrating nature and sustainability through eco-conscious three-dimensional works of various mediums, from lino-printed bunting to ceramics. Exhibition is curated by Kyla Maeve Watkins. August 2023

Weaving Bodies

By Ellen Crofton, Adriyana and Rosie Hart

Multimedia exhibition exploring the entanglements between human bodies and nature, curated by Eliza Coulson. The exhibition featured various art forms from moving image and sculpture, to soundscapes and written word.

August 2023

Play Along

By Emil Gunnarsson, Amy Anna Graham and Amy Dixon

Glasgow School of Art students transformed the Woodland Glade into a wonderland of wind-up constructs and chimes, beckoning visitors to play along, and create new soundscapes. The exhibition also featured pottery made by The Hidden Gardens Men’s Group.
March-April 2023

The First Thing I Did Was To Kiss The Ground

By Jasleen Kaur

Large-scale semi-abstract sculpture that includes a structure that resembles the top of a Sikh head. The work also takes its inspiration from the decorative processional ‘Palki’ floats that feature in Sikh celebrations. Part of Tramway Beyond Walls. April 2022

Loss and Found

By the Dissonant Futures Collective

In a world of constant noise, what if we stopped to listen? Loss and Found was a sound memorial on ecological loss. Installed near the Xylotheque, visitors could stand within it to hear its looping soundscape. October 2022

Sing The Gloaming

By Tommy Perman, Simon Kirby & Rob St John

Series of sound sculptures placed around the Hidden Gardens featuring sung ‘light word’ pieces from some of Scotland’s most renowned vocalists, including Aidan Moffat, and Emily Scott. Part of Cryptic’s Sonica Glasgow. March 2022


By Ciaran Cannon, Lily Krempel and Chiara Mancini

An exhibition of sculptures in the Woodland Glade created by Glasgow School of Art students, including sculpted insects, a sculpture for birds and a kinetic fire sculpture. Exhibition accompanied by music, storytelling and poetry at lunchtimes. February 2022

Early Warning Signs

By Ellie Harrison

This series of four ‘climate change’ signs is an ongoing project. Each autumn, four new host venues adopt a sign, keeping it on public display for a whole year. In the artworks’ 10th year anniversary the four signs re-united in Glasgow in advance of the COP26. October 2021

Totem Latamat

by Jun Tiburcio

A 4.5m high totem is carved from a single tree during a ceremony to thank it for giving its life. Commissioned by Border Crossings for COP26, the totem emphasises how deeply our existence is interwoven with nature and calls attention to the damage being done to the environment. October 2021

Fly Away Home

By Martha Orbach

Stories of flight, the search for the right conditions to raise a family, and intrepid adventure, told through collected migration routes of humans and birds. The installation comprises 21 handprinted flags mapping navigations across our world as our climate changes. March 2021

Gathering among reflections

By Paria Goodarzi, Marie-Claire Lacey & Francisco Llinás-Casas

Site-specific participatory artworks responding to recent social and political events by Glasgow School of Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art students. February 2021

Earth Rhythms

By Yelena Taylor and Kate Seaton

Contemplative artworks inspired the body’s movement through natural space. Created by Glasgow School of Art Sculpture and Environmental Art students. January 2020

Below The Blanket II

by Cryptic

Journey through a series of evocative artworks and sound installations inspired by one of Scotland’s most extraordinary natural features, The Flow Country. Part of Sonica Glasgow. November 2019

Bone Meal

By Glasgow International

Glasgow International brought together six Glasgow-based artists to show new work, which ranged from performance and writing to sculpture, sound, and video installations. April 2018

Who Is? Project

By Iman Tajik and Jonas Jessen Hansen

Who Is? is an ongoing art project which aims to tackle issues around immigration systems and globalisation. Symbolised by a white flag embellished with the words “Who are they? Who are we?”, this project is a comment on the many invisible borders created through history. June 2018

Nest a While

By Heidi Gardner and Peter Gardner

Site-specific installation, made the opening of the Refugee Festival Scotland. ‘Nest a While’ was a wee sanctuary, a place of welcome, of storytelling and of quiet, encircled by the bigger sanctuary that is The Hidden Gardens. July 2018


by Zoe Pearson

Art exhibition comprising four artworks, commissioned for the 15th anniversary of The Hidden Gardens. The exhibition explores the concepts of Taoism, the Bagua map and Feng Shui. August 2018

Almost Cut My Hair

By Mick Peter

A pair of ‘folded’ sculptures derived from the artist’s method of working directly from manipulated drawings. Part of GENERATION, Scotland’s nationwide exhibition programme. May 2014


By Alex Wilde

Artwork commissioned in response to the Mandela Celebration event, capturing the time that people pledged to contribute to improving our local community in support of Mandela’s call to action. August 2014.


1913: Rite of Spring

By Alys Owen, Suzanne Dery, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, and Lauren Hall

Collaboration of the Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and Scottish BBC Symphony Orchestra in response to the 100th Anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. May 2013