White Wall Border

About the White Wall Border

Espalier apples and pears grow against the original boilerhouse wall, forming a backdrop to the herbaceous planting along this long border.

Featured Plants


Rosa ‘Sri Chinmoy’ was named after the famous Indian spiritual leader who taught meditation as a way of bringing inner peace. The first bush was planted in 2004 and it blooms throughout the summer with an abundance of fragrant yellow blooms.

Crimson glory vine

Vitis coignetiae, originally from Japan and Korea, climbs over the white wall. It has large heart shaped leaves which turn a brilliant crimson and red in the autumn. 

Conference Pear

‘Pyrus communis ‘Conference’ is grown as an espalier against the original boilerhouse wall. As well as having attractive blossom and fruit throughout the Spring and Summer, they provide architectural interest in winter. Pollinators love this plant.