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Sing The Gloaming

Thursday 10 - Sunday 20 March (Gardens open late Thursday- Sunday)


Tommy Perman, Simon Kirby & Rob St John present Sing The Gloaming 10-20 March at The Hidden Gardens for Glasgow Cryptic’s Sonica Glasgow.

Language research has shown that our ‘light words’ – words like ‘glimmer’, ‘gleam’, ‘gloaming’ – all derive from a single word form some five thousand years old. In Sing the Gloaming, a series of sound sculptures placed around the Hidden Gardens feature sung ‘light word’ pieces from some of Scotland’s most renowned vocalists, including Aidan Moffat, Emily Scott, SHHE, Hanna Tuuliki and Andrew Wasylyk. Progressing through the installation, audiences will draw towards the sound of the word ‘ghlei’, the linguistic ancestor from which all those modern words for light descend.

Artist Guided Tour 11 March and 20 March. Book your FREE tickets via eventbrite.