Board Member Biography – Dave Mitchell

David Mitchell, Board Member of The Hidden Gardens Trust
David Mitchell, Board Member of The Hidden Gardens Trust

What is your role at The Hidden Gardens?
I joined The Hidden Gardens Trust in 2012. My background is in horticulture, concept design and interpretation, so I work with the Team especially Jean (Head Gardener) on planning the future of The Hidden Gardens.

What is your role outside of The Hidden Gardens?
After thirty years at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, mostly as a curator, I recently retired and became an Honorary Research Associate at the RBGE. I am also a Trustee of several other gardening charities including Scotlands Gardens.

What are your special areas of interest?
I’m interested in projects that inspire ‘A Sense of Wonder for the Land and its Future’, and am involved as a consultant in developing these across a variety of sectors.
I also have a keen interest in the Scots Language, and have been on a variety of radio programmes for the Scots Language Centre in Edinburgh.

Why do you like The Hidden Gardens?/What attracted you to The Hidden Gardens?
Simply social inclusion, the humanity and creativity, and the opportunity to put something back into the industry.