Men's Group

A new social group for men from all backgrounds across the southside of Glasgow

The group meets every Tuesday afternoon, at the Boilerhouse, in the peaceful surrounds of the gardens. Starting in July 2016 our programme has had a wide range of activities – Multicultural Cookery, Yoga, Archery, Foraging and Wild Food, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness – with the programme being set by the members of the group themselves. All activities are free of charge, and the group is always open to new and prospective members – so whether you’d like to make new friends and enjoy some shared company, or whether you simply want to try something new in a friendly, supportive, and relaxed friendly atmosphere, you are welcome to come along and get involved. We’d love to meet you.

Upcoming in June:
Mindfulness (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
Tuesdays, 1pm – 3pm
6, 13, 20 & 27 June
Free | Open to all men in the south-side of Glasgow
For more info, please contact Sean:
0141 433 2722

Mindfulness is ’a natural human quality, an accepting awareness of the constantly unfolding experience of our everyday lives.’ Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet most of us live a great deal of our lives without paying attention to what is happening right now. We tend to chew over what has happened in the past, or spend time worrying about the future. Becoming more ‘present’ can have a positive influence our working lives, our relationships and our health. The good news is that we can become more mindful, more often, simply by practicing particular forms of meditation.

Recent research using MRI technology demonstrates that when we practice mindfulness based approaches for just 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks we increase the concentration of grey matter in the areas of the brain that help us: learn and remember; manage our emotions skillfully; appreciate others’ perspectives and understand our own reactions and experience more fully.

All sessions are completely free

A partnership project between Crossroads & The Hidden Gardens