Insect Interactions - Welcome To Our World

Join a series of 5 winter talks about pollinators by Dr Miranda Bane – Pollination Ecologist.

Insects are everywhere. From bumblebees to dung flies, micro moths to midges, they all have a purpose and play a vital role in sustaining life of planet Earth. Pollination enables plants to evolve and thrive, and insects hold the key to this process. It’s not just bees that pollinate. Research into the interactions between plants and insects across the world has shown us how diverse and complex these relationships can be, with delightful and surprising players involved. The more we learn about the relationship between plants and insects, the more important we see how vital they are for the health of the planet and human survival.

No booking required, just turn up.


Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30pm, The Hidden Gardens Boilerhouse

Talk 1: First look into pollinators – 24th November

Talk 2: In-depth look into pollinators – 1st December

Talk 3: Insects in Culture and Art – 19th January

Talk 4: Pollinators, Health and Wellbeing – 2nd February

Talk 5: Gardening for Pollinators – 16th February