Poetry by David

We are delighted to share these beautiful poems created by Men’s Group participant David.


The beat of the drum matching your heart beat
Your body resounding to the beat
The beat uplifting you higher
You feel if the beat is lifting you into the air as the beat gets faster
Then the beat slows and gradually you feel as if the beat is putting you down
You come back down to earth not with a bang but gently
The feeling of exhileration
The gradual release of the energy
Tired but happy.

New Year

A new year start feels just like the last.
But the new brings with it the promise of change.
Whether good or bad just like weather.
The weather can be heavy snow in some places and none in others.
The other places can have dry sunny days or a downpour of cold rain.
The weather will change from the dismal to the cold but dry to warmer but dry days.
To finally hot sunny days.
These are the promise of the new year things getting better.
Not just in regards the weather but in all things in life.
A new year brings change in all things not just the weather or life but everything that the year will brings.

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