No Mow May at The Hidden Gardens

No Mow May is a nationwide initiative encouraging individuals, communities, and local authorities to refrain from mowing their lawns throughout the month of May. This simple action supports biodiversity by allowing wildflowers to grow freely, creating essential habitats for insects, birds, and other wildlife.

The Hidden Gardens is participating this month – and you can too! Plant Life, the UK charity championing wild plant conservation and the lead of No Mow May, has lots of ways you can get involved.

Every small action has a positive ripple effect; your lawn left to its own devices for a month can provide food and shelter for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hoverflies. These insects rely on wildflowers for nectar and pollen, and their populations are essential for the overall health of our local ecosystems. According to Plant Life, ‘We’ve lost approximately 97% of flower-rich meadows since the 1930’s and with them gone are vital food needed by pollinators’, and garden lawns have become increasingly monocultural close cut grass covered areas. This tradition is a relatively recent norm, started in the Victorian period as a status symbol. No Mow May campaigns for lawns across the country to transform into healthy, more natural spaces with a mix of plant life to encourage biodiversity, improve soil quality and tackle pollution. May is the perfect time to leave your lawn alone, giving the wildflowers and other wild plants a chance to establish before the summer.

Participating in No Mow May is more than leaving the lawnmower in the shed! Plant Life has lots of resources to discover. Register your participation to help Plant Life better understand the total number and size of lawns which are supporting nature. They have easy to understand identifier and spotter sheets, as well as other campaign resources all free to use.

Whether you have a small lawn or a larger garden, participating in No Mow May is a meaningful way to make a positive impact on your local environment. It is time for us to leave behind the outdated notion of a ‘lawn’ and embrace wild meadows as a natural part of our built environment.

Come down to The Hidden Gardens to see our lawn, and enjoy the variety of wild plants and flowers which are flourishing in our No Mow May!