Guest post from Young Film-Maker Charandeep

Our young film-makers are working with the footage they’ve taken at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival and Mandela Celebrations, and we’re looking forward to sharing their work with you later in the year. Here’s a guest post from another of our young film-makers, Charandeep.

The experience of working with this project has been really great so far. I have been really excited to learn to interpret and convey values through the medium of film, something which is so relevant to my volunteering at the Glasgow Gurdwara.

My favourite part so far has been meeting the young people from Scottish Ballet and Singapore and learning about how they communicate to each other through dance.

The thing I’m really looking forward to is the editing process – that’s the bit that really interests me. To be able to formulate a 15 minute film from hours of footage will be a really exciting process. I want to use the time remaining to be taught by our mentors how to use what can be complicated software, like Final Cut Pro – it will be really great.

Bringing all these areas together has been the Hidden Gardens. The Gardens have been the core of the whole project – it’s our meeting space, social space, work space and relaxation space! It really has the power of bringing people together. A true gem of a space in Glasgow.