The Wildlife Areas

About The Wildlife Areas

The formal part of The Gardens gives way to areas of naturalistic planting, incorporating regenerated willow and birch with the native woodland planting of the mound. The bee and butterfly borders, the wildlife area and the woodland glade allow visitors to experience nature in the heart of the city, at all times accompanied by birdsong from resident and migrant birds.

Featured Plants

Corsican Hellebore

Helleborus argutifolius is a semi-evergreen perennial from Corsica and Sardinia. The flowers have petal-like sepals surrounding a ring of small, cup-like nectaries which are actually ‘petals’ modified to hold nectar. The sepals don’t fall like petals, but remain on the plant for many months, from winter through to early summer.


Galanthus nivalis are a much anticipated sight, suggesting Spring is not long away. The bulbs will multiply to give drifts of nodding white flowers poking through the leaf mould of woodland gardens.

Hart’s Tongue Fern

Asplenium scolopendrium has lustrous, strap shaped fronds all year round, and is perfectly suited to grow throughout the woodland habitat of wildlife area.