The Potager

About The Potager

A corner of the Gardens to relax amidst the blooms, fruit and vegetables of this productive space. The raised beds grow seasonal veg: cabbages and kales, peas and beans, onions and leeks, beetroot and carrots, interplanted with flowers to attract insects and help to keep pests at bay. We like to try out different varieties and experiment with organic methods of growing.

Featured Plants

The Living Lawn

The ‘living lawn’ is an experimental  mix of Scottish grasses and flowers designed to be cut throughout the season, but left to flower in the height of summer. We want to see if we can grow a diverse but also functioning lawn with lots of flowers amidst the grasses.

Cardoon Cynara Cardunculus

Cardoon Cynara cardunculus adds architecture and height in the Potager. Its blanched stems are a delicacy, though we haven’t tried them, leaving the stunning flowers for the bees to enjoy. Pollinators love this plant.


Greater Quaking Grass

Annual flowers attract pollinating insects to ensure a good harvest, and grasses like this Greater Quaking Grass Briza maxima stimulate senses, rustling in the wind with nodding, lantern-like heads of flowers.