The Medicinal Courtyard

About The Medicinal Courtyard

The Medicinal courtyard was planted in 2018 following a series of herbal workshops, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

It has developed into a collection of useful herbs from across the cultures and celebrates the plant and herb heritage still used by the diverse communities surrounding The Hidden Gardens.

Featured Plants


Achillea millifolium  is a common wildflower, native to the northern hemisphere, growing in meadows and fields. It acts on the blood and circulatory system, and flowers and leaves can be used to clean wounds and stop bleeding from cuts and grazes. Pollinators love this plant.

Echinacea or Purple Cone flower

Echinacea angustifolia – Native to North America, echinacea has purpley pink daisy like flowers with a prickly cone like centre, much visited by bees and other pollinating insects. It has long been used traditionally for its immune boosting and infection fighting properties, particularly against colds, flu and sore throats. Pollinators love this plant.



Chamaemelum nobile  flowers have a daisy like yellow centre surrounded by white petals. When crushed they have a sweet appley scent that is relaxing and soothing, making it an excellent remedy for stress and insomnia.