The Ballet Border

In 2009, Scottish Ballet commissioned the Hidden Gardens to design a planting scheme to not only celebrate Scottish’s Ballet’s 40th anniversary, but also to mark their arrival to their new home at Tramway complex. Plants include the graceful flowers of hellebores emerging in late winter, followed by delicate tulips and blousy peonies.

Featured Plants


Cotoneaster x suecicus ‘Coral Beauty’ forms a dense, low hedge along the ballet border. It has pretty white flowers in summer and orange red berries in autumn. Pollinators love this plant.


Helleborus orientalis appear in mounds along the border with clusters of saucer-shaped flowers in mottled pinks, purples and mauves. Pollinators love this plant.

Prickly heath

Gaultheria mucronata is an evergreen shrub with colourful winter berries. It’s a native of Southern Argentina and Chile and a relative of heathers. Birds love this plant.