Grassy Meadow

About the Grassy Meadow

The Grassy meadow forms a transition from the formal garden into the woodland and shady areas with striking ornamental grasses and shade tolerant perennials.

Featured Plants


Dipsacus fullonus is best-known for its brown, prickly stems and conical seed heads, which persist long into the winter. They are visited by bees when in flower, and birds when seeding. Pollinators and birds love this plant.


Silvergrass Miscanthus sinensis is an ornamental grass with feathery flower panicles held above the foliage during late summer to autumn, beautiful when backlit by the low autumn sun.

Leopard plant

Ligularia ‘The Rocket’ forms tall spikes of yellow flowers on dark stems, brightening up this shady meadow. It seems to thrive in this challenging, often waterlogged, corner of the garden.