Flowery Meadow

About the Flowery Meadow

Native wildflowers are planted alongside ornamentals to create a naturalistic looking flowery meadow, providing nectar for pollinators, seedheads for birds and insects, and shelter for wildlife throughout the year. We love to watch it changing through the seasons.

Featured Plants

Meadow crane’s-bill

Geranium pratense is a native wildflower of meadows, grasslands and roadside verges. It has striking bluish-purple flowers throughout the summer. Pollinators love this plant.

Ragged Robin

Lychnis flos-cuculi is a lovely wee, somewhat disheveled,  flower which looks stunning in a mass and is a reminder of walks in the boggy Scottish countryside. Pollinators love this plant.

Devil’s bit scabious

Succia pratensis flowers in late summer through to September, with purple-blue flowers that resemble pincushions. Pollinators love this plant.