Championing Biodiversity

Put simply, surveying is time taken to mindfully explore and observe the natural world whilst making a record of what is observed. Whether it’s identifying different bird species, capturing the occurrence of various plans, or tracking wildlife, surveying is a hands-on connection with our environment.

The fun of surveying lies in the discovery process. Each outing is an opportunity to uncover something new, from a lone flower blooming in a overlooked corner to the unexpected sighting of a migrating bird. This element of surprise and the joy of contributing to a greater understanding of the environment can be incredibly satisfying.

Peacock Butterfyl – Aglais io – Spotted by the Gingko on the Lawn

Surveying plays a vital role in monitoring biodiversity, helping scientists and conservationists gather data on species distribution, population trends, and ecosystem health. Citizen science projects, where volunteers participate in surveying, significantly expand the reach and scope of data collection, making it possible to monitor larger areas and more species than professional scientists could alone. Community action is essential to The Hidden Gardens’ contribution to both national and international scientific research initiatives.

Join us for a morning of citizen science participation to share your action for biodiversity in South Glasgow! Everyone is welcome and we have the team on hand to answer your questions and guide you through the processes involved.