Board Member Biography – Malcolm Dobson

What is your role at the Hidden Gardens?

I have been a volunteer at the Gardens for 5 – 6 years. My main role in that time has been helping Paula Murdoch with the Grassroots group of volunteers, who met on Wednesdays.

I am part of the group of ‘Voluntour Guides’ who give guided tours to the gardens for individuals or groups.

I joined the Board in Spring 2016, and hope that my experience as a volunteer will help the board to support the valuable work the volunteers do.

 What is your role outside the Hidden Gardens?

Before I retired I was a librarian working in education (schools and colleges) and most recently in the health service. I am also interested in art, working mainly in ceramics, and have recently moved to a house with a garden so I’ve been spending a lot of time on that.

What are your special areas of interest?

Volunteering, garden management & design and art

Why do you like the Hidden Gardens?
What attracted you to the Hidden Gardens?

I like the Gardens for their beauty, the history of the site shown in the design, the variety of styles & environments, I like the fact that people can engage with the Gardens on a variety of levels – a place to relax, to connect with nature, to look at plants, to learn.