Food for wildlife through managed planting that demonstrates effective wildlife gardening

Food in The Gardens

  • Nectar rich flower borders
  • Native trees and shrubs bearing fruit, seeds or berries
  • Bird feeders

Action Plan

  • Extend the range of flowering plants
  • through the seasons to provide nectar sources for bees and butterflies throughout the year
  • Prioritise providing food for wildlife in future developments
  • Look after trees and shrubs that provide berries and fruit for birds
  • Look after birdfeeders throughout the year

Forage and Heal

Explore traditional plant uses, make a herbal remedy and share some foraged preserves. Try out our foraging recipes:

Bramble Vinegar
Garlic Mustard Pesto 
Hazel and Beech Nut Biscuits
Rosebay Willowherb Jelly