Taskforce Haiku

Posted: Fri 6 Sep

Taskforce volunteers turned their green fingers and thumbs to haikus recently. Choosing their favourite part of the Gardens, they composed poetry according to the strict syllable structure of 5-7-5.

The Hidden Gardens are an ideal place to write haikus as, not only is there an abundance of nature, but our Xyloteque on the mound is inspired by a Renga, a traditional Japanese platform for composing haikus.

They also took photos of their inspirations, framed by twigs found in the Gardens. Here are a selection. We hope you try to make your own.

Fruits are beautiful
Apples are fresh nice and green
Ready to eat them

Bees are attracted
Lavender green purple
Calm relaxing sight

Purple Scots thistle
Hearts growing stronger with pride
A nation’s emblem

Prehistoric tree
Yellow and green fan shaped leaves
Standing tall alone

Soft leaves on the trees
Growing green apples and pears
Same colour on branch

Sweet peas are lovely
It is nice to look at them
Beautiful to smell

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