The Gardens has a number of artworks integrated into the overall design. This was made possible by a team of artists working together for a significant period and listening to the many and varied opinions expressed during the community consultation phase prior to creating their individual contributions. A spiritual overview for the development of the Gardens was provided by Mumbai-based artist and theatre producer Divya Bhatia.

The Xylotheque is a library of the Scottish woodland created by Alec Finlay. It is an open structure reminiscent of the traditional Japanese renga platform. Through the centre grows a Scottish oak tree, surrounded by a library of wooden books detailing seventeen native species of trees.

Gerry Loose’s Inscribed Texts are a series of poems and texts carved into five sandstone waymarkers. The numerical importance is based on many considerations: pertinent were the five pillars of Islam and the five sacred Hindu trees. The text is written on the round so that is can be read and interpreted in a number of ways, with the text on each stone relating to the others.

There are 8 birdboxes within the Gardens with inscribed text by Alec Finlay in response to Suhayl Saadi’s translation of the Sufi poem ‘The Parliament of the Birds’.

Divya Bhatia has offered a conceptual framework throughout the development of the Gardens. Central to his thinking is the idea that all aspects of life are, in essence, non-oppositional.